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James Brown & Partners Ltd

Creating custom made jewellery since 1950.

People deserve
quality jewellery

They deserve to enjoy choosing it, learning about it and definitely enjoy wearing it!
Creating that experience is what drives us as a company.
Neil Grant and Ewan Coffield, business owners of James Brown & Partners Ltd
Neil Grant (company owners since 1981)
Proudest achievement for the company so far? 
There have been a few but most recent was winning Jeweller of the year 2016 at the Scottish Wedding Awards.
What makes your company different to other jewellers?
We have a good team here, a lot of experience in all areas from manufacturing, stone setting, sourcing of the very best materials, quality repairs and using specialist machinery. There’s 95 years of experience between the two partners!
Ewan Coffield (company owners since 1981)
What made you become a jeweller?I saw an advert in the evening times for an apprentice jeweller at James Brown’s when I was fifteen. I got the job and I’ve been here ever since!
Best part of the job?  I love the beginning stages of making a piece of jewellery, the sketches, figuring out how to connect all the different elements and then seeing its transformation in to something beautiful and seeing the look on the customers face when they see it!
Sharon Pope, jeweller and engraver
Sharon PopeYear started? 2013.
What’s your role in the company? Jeweller and engraver.
Favourite part of the job?Seeing a piece of jewellery being created from start to finish.
Top tip for customers:If you’re looking to have something designed, come in with ideas. It makes it easier to design something personal if we know what you like!
Most memorable piece of jewellery:A solid gold zodiac lion pendant. Each jeweller in the workshop made a different element of it and when it was put together it looked amazing!
Stuart Macgill, jeweller and retail workshop manager
Stuart MacGill
Year started?

What’s your role in the company?
Jeweller and retail workshop manager.

Favourite part of the job?
Repairing a customer’s heirlooms to their original condition and seeing the smile on their faces at the end! 

Top tip for customers:
Come in at least once a year to get your jewellery checked over.
Most memorable piece of jewellery:  I had a customer who loved golf so much he wanted his favourite club made into a bangle! 
Julia Black, jeweller, website and media manager
Julia BlackYear started?2014.
What’s your role in the company?Jeweller and designer.
Favourite part of the job?Talking to people about everything we are capable of here and giving them options or ideas they didn’t even know they had.
Top tip for customers:Jewellery should be loved, worn and enjoyed, if that isn’t the case, speak to us about why not and how we can help change that. 
Most memorable piece of jewellery:The customer with a diamond set in his tooth!  Amazing!

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