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The 4 C's - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. Which is most important?

The connection between each of these points (The Table, the Crown, the Girdle and the Pavilion) is key to maximising the light that flows through the stone and gives the diamond its sparkle. 
A large blue diamond

The Cut
The Cut of the diamond is not actually describing the shape of the stone (round, square, oval and so on…) but how well that diamond has been cut to best reach its potential. It’s the element most overlooked when buying the right stone but it’s so important!! A well cut diamond allows maximum light to flow through stone and helps create the sparkle associated with owning a diamond.
The Colour
When considering The Colour of the diamond remember: it’s all about the colour that you can’t see in the stone. Try to avoid a diamond with any real visible colour tinges.
The Carat Weight
The Carat Weight -often mistaken as a direct comparison to its size but this is not the case. Carat weight is the unit of measure used to describe the weight of any diamond or gem- two diamonds can have the same carat but differ in size and value because of their cut, colour and clarity.
The Clarity
The Clarity grading of a diamond has a number of different elements including the type of inclusion, the location of the inclusions and the number of inclusions. It is very rare to own a flawless diamond- the majority of them will have some form of inclusion but they are rarely seen by the naked eye.
It's your choice
Once you’ve listened to all the facts and done your research it’s important to remember that there is only ever one right way to buy a diamond or gemstone: pick the one you love.

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